Patti and Ron wedding.png
It’s lovely to think back on our wedding day in September. For Ron and I it was perfect in every way. We must credit Karla for this as she worked very hard. She elicited our stories, how we met, and the like using a questionnaire. Then taking many of our words and our ideas, she shaped a wonderful ceremony. There were lots of emails - about the wording, the timing, the music and most importantly the people. She wanted to make sure we were entirely comfortable. This lovely woman is a heartfelt presence. Our guests were smitten as well.
— R.B. + P.S.
I seriously can’t think of anything that you could have done to make our day better.
— P.
Thank you for your thoroughness, flexibility and vision.
— P. + R.
We are both experiencing post wedding euphoria. Many thanks to you for all your work. Your joy shone through.
— P.