Hello, I'm Karla.

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I am a heart-centred person who is passionate about making meaningful connections with people, places, and the big and small moments in life. 

For much of my adult life, I’ve worked, lived, and studied in foreign languages and contexts. I have learned to be adaptable, to communicate clearly, and to listen with my ears and heart in order to discern what is important. I have discovered that the things we all have in common – the joys of love, the pains of loss, the regrets from the past, and the hopes for the future – are what truly connect us.

I believe in the transformative possibilities of conscious living and dying. I try to engage in life fully by being present with my family, expressing myself musically, deepening my spiritual practices, and cultivating community. I am a regular Death Café host and hospice volunteer. I also support those at the end of life by co-directing the Saskatoon Threshold Singers, which offers the comforting gift of simple a cappella singing at the bedsides of the seriously ill and dying. 



I am strong in connecting and engaging with people,
especially when it comes to matters of the heart. 


I also believe in the transformative possibilities of meaningful ceremony. Our lives are full of important transitions. We marry and divorce. Our families grow through birth or adoption. We overcome life-threatening illness or are consumed with grief after a loved one dies. When we set time aside to acknowledge and honour these and many other life milestones through thoughtful, personal ceremony, we deepen our experience of living and strengthen our connections with family and friends.

I bring to my work as a Celebrant and Officiant over two decades of experience in planning, organizing, research, writing, and collaborating in public, grassroots and private sectors, both in Canada and abroad. I hold a Master of Science in Sociology and a Bachelor of Commerce. As an experienced public speaker and singer, I am comfortable performing in any kind of setting – from intimate backyard gatherings to stadiums with thousands of spectators. I am also multilingual, and would love to incorporate French, German, basic Swedish or Turkish elements into your ceremony.


Celebrancy is my vocation. It fulfills my desire to engage in work that is soulful and of service to others.


I am certified as a Life-Cycle Celebrant by the Celebrant Foundation and Institute (CF&I), which offers the gold standard in Celebrancy education. Through this rigorous seven-month program, I spent hundreds of hours studying all aspects of Celebrant ceremony design and delivery. As a member of the CF&I Alumni Association, I enjoy access to a vast, collaborative network of hundreds of my Life-Cycle Celebrant colleagues.

My goal as a Celebrant is to really get to know you—or your loved one—in order to weave together the unique threads of your story in a custom ceremony. Intricately and expertly crafted, your ceremony will add meaning and depth to your life transitions by honouring your past, present and future.

Dear Karla...Thank you for your thoroughness, flexibility and vision...
— P. + R.
This lovely woman is a heartfelt presence.
— P.+ R.

Your ceremony will become a cherished waypoint on your life’s journey.